The Centre for Environment and Development at Thiruvananthapuram, is an independent research and development, training and consultancy organisation focussing in fields related to Environment and Development.

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About The Centre for Environment and Development

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The Centre for Environment and Development established in 1993 at Thiruvananthapuram, is an independent research and development, training and consultancy organisation focussing in fields related to Environment and Development.

 It is a Centre of Excellence of Ministry of Urban Development,Government of India for Solid Waste and Wastewater Management and also the Regional Resource Agency of the Ministry of Environment & Forests,Government of India for the State of Kerala and Lakshadweep Islands.CED is also an Accredicted Agency of Government of Kerala for Solid Waste Management.The primary objective of the Centre is to carry out multi and inter-disciplinary research on environmental and developmental issues.

The Centre has carried out a number of research,consultancy and training projects sponsored by national and international agencies like MoEF,MoUD,DST,MNES,UNDP,World Bank,JICA,ADB,RNE,CLGF,and many state government departments and local self government institutions in the country. Sofar, CED has completed 63 projects and has been involved in 25 projects



To carry out research on subjects related to environment and development and to serve as an institution of higher learning 


To interact/collaborate with Universities, R&D institutions and Developmental agencies in India and abroad for research on environment and sustainable development,technology innovation and transfer of technology


To provide scientific and technological support to implement developmental projects of Local Self Government Institutions and other agencies


To carryout capacity building, training and outreach programs for different target groups


To provide consultancy services to government and multi-lateral agencies

To provide support to  policy formulation to various tiers of governments


To develop databases and information systems on specific areas related to environment and development


CED OnGoing Projects:



  • EIA and EMP of Thangasseri Port
    (Sponsored by Government of Kerala)
  • Sanitary Landfill Design and Construction A Project of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation
  • Management of the Solid Waste Processing Plant at Vilappilsala, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation A Project of Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram
  • Centre of Excellence in the Area of Urban Development on “Solid Waste and Wastewater Management”
    (Sponsored by Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India)
  • Industrial Pollution Abatement through Preventive  Strategies with reference to Seafood Processing  Industries in Kerala
    (Sponsored by Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India)
  • Study of Carbon Sequestration Potential of Forests of  Western Ghats Using RS Data and GIS
    (Sponsored by National Natural Resource Management  System, MoEF, GoI)
  • Identifying Potential Areas as Conservation Reserves in Agasthyamala Biosphere Reserve
    (Sponsored by Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund)
  • Management of the Solid Waste Processing Plant at Brahmapuram, Kochi Corporation  A Project of Kochi Corporation
  • Project Management & Design Supervision Consultancy for Kerala Water Supply Project (KWSP)
    (Sponsored by Japan International Cooperation Agency)
  • Combined Water Supply Scheme in the Tsunami  affected Coastal Panchayats of Chavara and Panmana in  Kollam District
    (Sponsored by WorLd Bank through Kerala Rural Water  Supply and Sanitation Agency)
  • Mainstreaming Coastal & Marine Biodiversity  Conservation into the Production Sector of East  Godavari Estuary, Andhra Pradesh
    (Sponsored by UNDF-GEF)
  • Participatory Resource Mapping Programme in Panchayats
    (Sponsored by Kerala State Land Use Board)
  • Preparation of Catchment Area Treatment Plan for Kanupur Irrigation Project in Odisha Funding Agency: Water Resources Department, Government of Odisha
    (Sponsored by Water Resources Department, Government of Odisha)
  • Design and Construction of Effluent Treatment Plant for Fish Market of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation A Project of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation
  • Preparation of DPR under National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project for Kerala
    (Sponsored by State Disaster Management Authority, Kerata & UNDP)
  • Andhra Pradesh Urban Development Project
    (Sponsored by Andhra Pradesh Municipal Development Department)
  • Regional Resource Agency for National Environment Awareness Campaign
    (Sponsored by Ministry for Environment and Forests, Government of India)
  • Design and Construction of Solid Waste Processing Plant, phase II at Vilappilsala, Thiruvananthapuram
    (Sponsored by Thiruvananthapuram City Corporation)
  • EIA and EMP of Alappuzha Port
    (Sponsored by Government of Kerala)
  • Training on Remote Sensing Application and Geo information Technology
  • Short term Training on Solid Waste Management
  • Design and Construction of Modern fish market for Thiruvananthapuram Corporation
  • Preparation of Master Plan for Integrated Solid Waste Management for Kochi Corporation
  • Preparation of Master plan for Effluent treatment system for fishery production units of Matsyafed
  • Kerala Environment Congress
  • Odisha Environment Congress
  •  For exciting new opportunities and collaboratons please visit our website at 


Thozhuvancode, Vattiyoorkavu P.O
Thiruvananthapuram – 695 013


CED Eastern Regional Centre,Duplex 7, Surya Vihar, Near Big Bazar, KIIT P.O., Bhubaneswar, Orissa,Pin-751031. Phone 0674 2726132

Phone : 0471 2369720, 0471 2369721
Fax : 2369720
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  • While appreciating and thanking INDIAN ENVIRONMENTAL NETWORK in partnering withe Governmental and Non-governmental organisation for the benefit of public at large we too feel we could partner in the region of wastewater treatment, management... we treat sewage to potable standards with the application of Advanced Oxidation Technology...we are open to suggestions in this regard...reach us on / visit us at for more information.. I E N keep it up 

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Initiating Sustainable Projects - Reg

Sir, Environmental degradation is growing into a grave concern in various parts of the world today. Countries especially in developing regions are suffering from problems emanating from a combination of factors including population growth, concentration of population in cities, industrialization and poverty, resulting in air pollution, water contamination, decline in sanitation, degradation of forests and soil, loss of biodiversity, marine pollution etc.  Moreover pollutants released in…

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Researchers and Earth Activists are invited to share their ideas at Climate change Conference

Dear Members!All are invited to participate, exchange views and present research work at Multidisciplinary National Conference on “Science of Climate change and Earth’s Sustainability: Issues and Challenges” on scientists-people partnership basis at Lucknow from 12-14 Sept., 2011 organised by The Society of Earth Scientists constituted to bring scientists of all the domains of earth science (including environmental scientists) and people at large together. Limited travel grant may also be…

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Carbon Footprint mapping

Carbon footprint mapping is an indicator of the amount of greenhouse gases one’s activities produce and it is a measure of his/her contribution to global on climate change. It’s like the mark we leave on the earth as we go about our daily activities and is measured in kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent emissions. When we walk on a sandy beach, we leave behind a footprint. When we participate in an activity or use an item that emits greenhouse gases, we leave behind a carbon footprint.…

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CED has established the Indiawastemanagementportal with the objective of supporting the urabn local bodies on solid waste and waste water management.There are many ULBs and other organisations in the country involved in solid waste and waste water management and these information have to be shared by others.There are many best practices implemented in many places in these sectors and this has to be documented for public use.Through the waste management portal, we would like to document the…

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