Carbon Footprint mapping

Carbon footprint mapping is an indicator of the amount of greenhouse gases one’s activities produce and it is a measure of his/her contribution to global on climate change. It’s like the mark we leave on the earth as we go about our daily activities and is measured in kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent emissions. When we walk on a sandy beach, we leave behind a footprint. When we participate in an activity or use an item that emits greenhouse gases, we leave behind a carbon footprint.

Through actions at home, at work, and on the road, individuals can affect their greenhouse gas emissions levels. Our daily activities like watching a TV, using the air conditioner, turning on a light or fan, riding a car, playing a video game, listening to a stereo, taking a bath, especially a hot bath, washing clothes, cooking etc, send greenhouse gas into the air.

The first step in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is to identify how much our household emits. A carbon footprint map will help us to identify how much carbon a person is releasing to the atmosphere by his/her day to day activities and also give some tips to reduce the foot prints.


To do your own Carbon footprint mapping, go to the CED website here

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