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Connect with members from 2000+ organizations on Indian Environment Network .

  1. All patron members of Indian Environment Network can post upto 1 product/services free in the Indian EcoMarket.
  2. Join as a Bronze partner for $10 per month to post upto 10 product per month including job postings.
  3. Join as a silver Partner for $25 per month to post upto 50 products/services on
  4. Become a Gold Parnter for $50 per month to include above benefits + virtual booth in monthly international trade show.
  5. Join as a Diamond Partner for $100 per month for all above benefits. Additionally, join as a speaker for the trade show.
  6. International organizations are charged double the fees on the above.
  7. Email us at for joining as event parnter of our monthly virtual trade show.

Press the button below to make payments online. Pay as per the membership category requested  and we will contact you soon to set up your institutional membership.

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NeeRainEco is ready to use Simple, Smart and Sensible Rainwater filter.  


Benefits are :

1. Two stages of filtration. 

2. First ‘Live harvesting’ 

3. No water loss

4. No stagnant impurities 

5. ABS…

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This jhumar has been self knitted by our ngo workers and they are intiating to introduce this wonderful and washable piece in just 800 INR /-


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