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The "Patron Membership" subscription grants exclusive membership to Indain Environment Network members and helps sustain our network. We support them with guidance from paryavaran mentors, digital certificates showcasing their active association, career and networking support, monthly trade shows and gifts from our paryavaran partners! Three payment options:
  • Recurring Yearly subscription for $30 per year
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 Are you a Consultant looking for consulting/ short term opportunities from 2000+ environment organizations?

If you are an independent consultant, as patron members you are welcome to join our panel of in-house consultants.

You will be able to post your consultancy profile in our Indian Eco-Market.

We will circulate all consulting and short-term opprotunities received from our institutional members to our patron members first.



We will showcase your work and share your story with our members by conducting an exclusive live social media interview through our "Day out with a Star" platform.

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Exclusive gifts and dsicounts from organizations....

We are negotiating with our partners to provide exclusive discounts and gifts to our patron members.

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Patron members fees is a low $3/- per month or $30 per year or $100/- for LIFE membership

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NeeRainEco is ready to use Simple, Smart and Sensible Rainwater filter.  


Benefits are :

1. Two stages of filtration. 

2. First ‘Live harvesting’ 

3. No water loss

4. No stagnant impurities 

5. ABS…

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