CED has established the Indiawastemanagementportal with the objective of supporting the urabn local bodies on solid waste and waste water management.There are many ULBs and other organisations in the country involved in solid waste and waste water management and these information have to be shared by others.There are many best practices implemented in many places in these sectors and this has to be documented for public use.

Through the waste management portal, we would like to document the expereinces and best practices of various organisations in these sectors and will be published in the portal for public use.So,I request all distinguished members to share whatever information you have related to these topics to us so that we will put it in the portal.The contributions will be duly acknowledged.   

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  • Municipal solid waste is a major issue to be tackled in almost all the urban local bodies in India.Most of the ULBs are simply dumping the waste in public places sometimes in the name of Landfilling.Only a very few ULBs have established scientific methods for SWM.The issue has to be taken seriously not only by the authorities but the community also.In some places ,it was observed that even if the basic facilities are there,the people are not willing to go with that.So in addition to the technological aspects,focus need to be given to social engineering also.Mass awareness is important for this.

    We at Indiawastemanagement portal is trying to provide technical and technological support to the ULBs and others to implement scientific waste management as a service and at the same time trying to generate awareness among different stakeholders.So,pointing out issues as happening at Rajkot Municipal Corporation and bringing  tothe attention of people is very important .

    Please alos share best practices happened in your places so that we will be able to project it through our Portal  Coming Soon Template
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