Would you like to nurture a natural space which is a home to huge wildlife like birds, butterflies, bees and add life to your backyard and create the magic in the hustle bustle of life? Join Online Course on Gardening for Wildlife 2.0 and learn the art of creating your own wildlife space in just 6 weeks !!...

With the increased pace of urbanization, the concrete jungles dominate and are spreading far and wide. Natural spaces are becoming rarer and heat islands developing over time. Surprisingly our cities hold large biodiversity that has mastered the art and adapted itself to the cities. These species add soul to our urban lands without which our cities would be rendered lifeless losing ecosystem balance. With some more help, we could retain the balance between our world and the natural world.

A first of its kind course, it is uniquely blended with field and online assignments. This course aims to help local citizens gain knowledge about the art of attracting wildlife and creating spaces for them which are shrinking. If you are an amateur nature enthusiast, environmental educator, horticulturist, Landscape architect then this is the perfect online course for you...

Course Description

Course Duration: 6 Weeks ( 15 May - 30 June )

Topics: 6 | Modules: 21 | Time: 1 hr each module

Study Resources: 6 chapters, 3 video lectures

Assignments: 6 (self assisted) Field Trips, 6 Online Assignment, 3 DIY Projects, 6 Quizzes

Course Load: One hour every day or 1 day a week

Certification: Assignments are graded. E-certificate will be provided at end of the course. Audit and Credit facility is available.

Requirement of essential ITC Skills & Equipment : Desktop/Laptop with webcam and headphones, Camera for field photography (compact/Mobile phone). Google Chrome browser required, knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

Course Faculty: Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi, Mr. Isaac Kehimkar & Ms. Priti Choghale

Check out the topics and takeaway lessons...

6 Course Topics

1. Introduction to wildlife-friendly gardens
2. Landscaping for wildlife
3. Plantation for wildlife
4. Caring for garden and Wildlife
5. Documenting Wildlife
6. Garden Education

Six Takeaway Lessons

1. Learn about specific plants (indigenous/exotic/hybrid/wild) that attracts wildlife.
2. Learn about wildlife that is adapted to city life & understand the importance of habitats,
3. Get equipped to deal with unwanted wildlife,
4. Develop handcraft skills in recycling household items,
5. Learn techniques of habitat monitoring and be a citizen scientist,
6. Use gardens as medium of creating awareness about local biodiversity

Course Fee: Rs 3500/- (Corona Special Discount)

For queries: Call 9987013144 or email at team@inaturewatch.org

Registration Link: https://inaturewatch.org/shop/ols/products/1-march-2020-online-course-on-gardening-for-wildlife-20

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