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Water Management (3)

NeeRain and NeeRainEco are ready to use Simple, Smart and Sensible Rainwater filters.  


Benefits are:  

1. Two stages of filtration.  2. First ‘Live harvesting’ 

3. No water loss  4. No stagnant impurities 

5. ABS Non Corrosive Body   6. Low plumbing cost 

7. No Maintenance   8. Filtration up to 100 micron 

9. Covers 140 Sq. Mt. Roof  10. Easy to Install by your local plumber on 4 screws. 



NeeRain with SS 304 filter Element: Rs. 6500/-

NeeRainEco with fibre Filter element: Rs. 3950/-

Price including GST. Freight shall be extra. We will send by transport or Courier.  


Whatsapp : +9 7778992314         Email:               Website :

Prudent Water Solutions Private Limited (PWSPL) is a group of industry experts and scientist providing short and long-term solutions to all your water and wastewater issues.
We provide customized and cost-effective solutions based on our client’s requirements.

We are your water doctors who help you to save, use, reuse and recycle water in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

We ensure Best Available Technologies (BAT) and Best Environmental Practices (BEP)

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