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The recent report of the NITI Aayog highlights the alarming water crisis India is facing -- 21 cities are expected to run out of groundwater by 2020. This underscores the need to frame a NWP that not only addresses imminent challenges but also establishes a framework and pathway to sustainable, efficient and equitable management of surface and groundwater resources.  The blog proposes a clear roadmap with a clear responsibility and accountability structure. Adoption of an ecosystem-based approach, climate proofing watersheds, promotion of 'water stewardship', the Water Governance Standard and climate-resilient agriculture are key towards achieving desirable changes in the water sector in India.  
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3951105976?profile=RESIZE_710xThis book Authored by me (Pradip Kumar Sengupta "provides the tools that allow companies to understand the fundamental concepts of water resource management and to take proper action towards sustainable development. 

In the book “Industrial Water Resource Management, Challenges and Opportunities in Corporate Water Stewardship” the Author has timely addressed the challenges faced by the industries worldwide. While securing water for production and running industrial unit, industries have to pass through several social and regulatory procedures. Industries also face challenges in securing a licence to operate both from the authority and the community. Industries need to maintain a balance between the industrial establishment and the community and the ecosystem. They also have, as a statutory measure to disclose their water usage, conduct water audit or make arrangements for water conservation. There are water Acts and Laws in different countries and industries have to abide by the water framework directives and laws in the respective areas of operation.

The Author, Mr Pradip Kumar Sengupta is an internationally recognized expert who has conducted extensive research on groundwater modelling and hydrological modelling in river basins. He has acquired vast knowledge in industrial water through his association with reputed companies in India where he engaged his expertise as a consultant. He has intimately studied the constraints and challenges faced by the industries while ensuring their water security.

The aim of this book is to offer a water resource management plan for industries which is directly implementable and consistent with the water laws of different countries with a special emphasis on water stewardship. The Author, who is a leading world expert in these fields, outlines an integrated water resources management plan for the industries which is economically efficient, socially equitable and environmentally sustainable. The book offers explicit technical and investment solutions, socioeconomic and legal instruments and recommendations for institutional restructuring.  The book is divided into eleven chapters and each chapter is complete by itself.

A detailed review of this book is available here.

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