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May 10
R JENA replied to DAA's discussion sprinkling of sea water to supress the dust
"It is really an innovative idea , should think about the cost economics part . There is already practice of adding hygroscopic salts to  water sprinkling facilities such as tanker sprinklers for binding dusts for long time in the dust ladden "murroo…"
Feb 2, 2013
R JENA replied to HIMANSHU VERMA's discussion Water Cess
"Water cess is paid on the basis of water drawn , which is measured by flow meter
I think it is chargeable as soon as water is drawn for operation after consent is granted, if water is not drawn during commissioning period
May 23, 2012
R JENA replied to Harendra Tomar's discussion Environmental Monitoring (EC Compliance purpose)
"perahps ambient air quality monitoring data during rainy season ( July - Sept) is not a part of compliance monitoring"
Apr 17, 2012