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RUR Greenlife your stop for complete Wet Waste Management Solution and other Eco Alternatives

RUR Greenlife belives in decentralized waste management since over a decade!

We firmly belive that waste as a subject is less talked, less discussed and thus there are a lot of myths around it. 

We help our clients to understand whats waste, whats its catagorization and how to manage it. We also undertake Waste it or Invest it workshop ( during covid we did take these in webinar form and could deliver a hhigh impact) where by we demonstrate how and whys of Waste Management. We also put up a small display to show case the Eco Alternatives which can easily replace a lot of disposables in a regular household.

We have grown over the years and have even reserched on Composting and developed a a mechanical composting unit range which doesnt need any culture (liquid or solid) and doesnt need electricity or water for its daily operation, infact during any stages of composting! We have names this range as RUR's GreenGOld Aerobic Biocomposter (RGGC) and it comes in different sizes, XS (Home Composter), Dual XS, Small, Medium and Large. 

Each of these composter has a barrel made up on HDPE to ensure excellent thermal insulation, 100% Aerobic enviroment to ensure methane gas, ammonia gas are not generated, a drain valve ensures efficient and non meessy collection of compost tea which can be utilized back as gardening water, easy rotation mechanism for smooth operation- infact Small, Medium and Large RGGC comes with twin gear system to a really effortless rotation of the biocomposters. 

Aerobic composting methof nutritive compost as the losses of nutrient is neglible as well the harvest in 40 days cycles is just 10-15% of the input wet waste.  

The home composter model can be brought from

Our target clients are - Residnetial societies, Corporate Offices, Manufacturing units which serve food for the employees, Schools, Colleges, CSR teams for working on Swachha Bharat Mission. 

RUR GREENLIFE_Company Profile_01082020.pdf

RUR GGC A4 flier_12 Nov 2018.pdf

Compost Process Cycle.pdf

Case Study- Matoshree's Pearl.pdf

Case Study - Sanidhya S+Dual XS.jpg

Case Study Sumer Cycle Report_Q1_23.11.17.pdf

Click here  to watch a crisp video about easy operaitons of comopsting using RGGC

Also attaching few case studies highlighting the efficiency and utility of the RGGCs, Company Profile, Compost Process Chart, Few Testimonials from our esteemed clients.

You may reach to RUR Greenlife Private Limitedon or call my colleague Sunny Gangar -9322456789 should you need our help in helping you compost your wet waste efficiently and successfully.


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RUR Greenlife aims at creating an environmentally aware society in which individuals adopt green consumption practices whereby they reduce, reuse and recycle. Email me through this website for any further inquiries.

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This jhumar has been self knitted by our ngo workers and they are intiating to introduce this wonderful and washable piece in just 800 INR /-


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