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Executive Summary _for Paryavaran.pdf

Summary_ Env Exp_ Dr JD Feb 2020.pdf

Handled multiple responsibilities in past 38 years


Ry Corporate Team Member (about 21 Years)

  • Was instrumental in setting up Environment division in previous assignments.
  • In the most recent assignment was instrumental in doing turn around
  • Spearheaded a technology success responsibility for over 100 Million INR Waste Water Treatment Project business
  • Developed, Patented & Commercialized industrial processes
  • Implemented & maintained compliances related to ISO, EMS,


As Executive Manager for about 17 Years

  • Headed Research Labs
  • Directed Field Installations
  • Handled Diverse Project as well as Project Marketing Teams


Has developed & implemented customized process solutions for following industries:

Textile, Paper, Chemical, Pigments, Agro-chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Distilleries, CPU, Sugar, Dairy, Engineering & Electro plating industries


Bright Academic background: Doctorate in Environmental Micro-biology

Ph.D. topic- Microbial Degradation of Pulp & Paper Mill waste/ India’s 1st anaerobic plant in paper at Pudumjee mills was based on my Ph.D. work.

Has presented & published over 25 process application papers & case studies at National / International Conferences & Technical journals.

Possesses effective soft-skills for counselling & team building.

Working experience-

1981-82 – BAIF_ Pharma vaccines production & ETP

1982-85 – Ph.D. @ ARI, Pune

1985-1988- Pudumjee Paper mill, Thergaon

1988-2008 – Sudarshan Cgemical Ind. Ltd. Pune (Roha & Mahad)

2008-2013 – ATE Enterprises Pvt Ltd.

2013-2015- Grauer & Weil

2015 –Present- Dr JD Technical Advisory services.

In Earlier assignments was instrumental in developing environmental business on turnkey as well as consultancy basis – Following are few key highlights of both.

  1. A) Summary of few key turnkey assignments –
  • Introduction of Innovative solutions - “sludge less” process for Industrial effluent treatment.
  • Design and operation of effluent treatment plant treating complex effluents from chemical, pharma, textile, paper, dyes, dairies & CETPS effluent.
  • Successful installation and commissioning of ETP, recycle system and MEE for ZLD in different industries.
  • Processes developed for hardness removal from RO reject for recycle of brine in process.
  • Biological colour reduction in textile effluent.
  • Development of specialized bacteria for effluent treatment.


  1. B) Summary highlights of some key consulting assignments – details will be provided during personal interaction.


  • A large chemical manufacturing complex in Maharashtra was facing problems in ETP whereby they could not recycle treated effluent. Activities for improving performance included monthly visit for review of existing system, generating ideas for improvement and monitoring performance thru follow up. Result was increasing recycle efficiency from initial 20% to 80%+ with cost effective solutions. Skills of operative team enhanced
  • Chemical Manufacturing Unit Multi-products with over 75 effluent streams. The effluents generated from various processes contains many different chemicals. Capacity improvement from 8 MLD to 10 MLD primary & secondary and 12 MLD tertiary. Responsible for process design with involvement upto vendor selection & process commissioning.
  • Complete basic engineering package along with detailing for biological ETP (both anaerobic & aerobic) for different capacities from 100 KLD to 3000 KLD for chemical effluent and CPU for distillery.


  • Present assignment includes working as Technical Adviser / Consultant for
  • OEMs – Manufacturers of ETP / STP / UF RO (recycle)     systems for preparation of treatment scheme, designing,   engineering, commissioning & trouble shooting, existing ETP audits etc.
  • End user manufacturing units in process industries for their treatment       plant performance improvement, trouble shooting etc.
  • O&M Organizations who operate & maintain treatment plants, for trouble shooting, improving existing performance etc.
  • Consulting organizations – for process expertise, ETP audits etc.


Customer list –Please refer presentation file





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