How to achieve ZD in an industry? I will try to help out/sugesst you based on my experience.

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  • By utilising the concept of industrial ecology, we r achieve the zero discharge from industry, all the matter which is produced from an industry, is bieng used if we r applicate the concept of industrial ecology. 

  • Although  difficult to achieve, the concept of Zero discharge is a wonderful tool to preserve  nature from getting polluted. At M.P. Pollution control Board  zero discharge is often one of the consent conditions to the industries. 

    It is a condition though not fully complied by many has forced many Industries to work out different strategies to achieve the condition by changing Raw materials,Process modifications, finding new by-products, employing Green Productivity and cleaner production techniques etc. It shall be worth while to be a part of such an activity and I look fore ward to learn and share

  • it is intresting that zero discharge has been taken up as it is the need of the hour with the rapid industrialisation. As for me, i have completed my docotoral degree in cleaner production systems in the industry with emphasis on ZDTS. i hope to have useful interactions with all memebers


  • Sir,

    The problem of handling rubber trimming waste can be seen in and around rubber industries everywhere, till date we have been unable to reuse it for the betterment of the soil conditions where it is dumped. I look forward to some solutions .

  •  To yasotharan manivel 

               Sir, i believe the rubber can be used for roofing and also for road construction..For roofing in temperate areas will be good option ..I have seen near Yamunotri,people use some kind of material similar to rubber in their roof.You can proceed with tat..

  • Zero dischrage technology is highly effective if the industry adopt it with positively attitude

  • zero discharge is a practice in industry to recycle and reuse resources like water...............

  • Happy to join ZD club.. interesting and look forward to inteaction


    Madan Iyengar
  • ZD%20PPT.pdf

    Dear All,

    Tks for joining ZD forum. Am encloing a ppt on ZD for your ready reference. Now you can ask your respective question/problem directly.





  • This is an interesting area of work and at times I do get queries related to this subject, I not only hope but trust that by joining this group I will be more enlightened on this subject .

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zero discharge

I have put up almost 33 years of experience in various industries in production, environment, safety and environmental projects all over india and abroad.The common usage of most of the industries talking on Zero Discharge concept. Bur reality goes that the concept is limited to ground contaminations only.WE all talk about the  '3 R' in almost all the industries and seminars but they are limited to product or by product or intermidiates recovery and resuse in the peocess. The 3 R concept is not…

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