zero discharge

I have put up almost 33 years of experience in various industries in production, environment, safety and environmental projects all over india and abroad.

The common usage of most of the industries talking on Zero Discharge concept. Bur reality goes that the concept is limited to ground contaminations only.

WE all talk about the  '3 R' in almost all the industries and seminars but they are limited to product or by product or intermidiates recovery and resuse in the peocess. The 3 R concept is not much implementated on waste generation.

The toughest thing in world is handling waste in the form of solid, liquid and gaseous.

The gaseous waste zero discharge have various concepts and methods and the systems ,which can nullify the discharge but not eliminated 100% to environment.

1. Deodourisation system to strip out the gaseous waste from the waste water

2. Scrubbers and ventury systems helps the waste gases to scrub and nuetarlise the waste gases to form byproduct.

3. Absorption tower ment for nuetralisation of gaseous waste to form by product.

4. Thermal destruction of gaseous waste to some extent meet at least 99% waste gases zero discharge.

As far as the liquid waste zero discharge is concerned is the toughtest as the system being operated based on the waste charecteristics.

1. MEE

2. ETP

3. Physico chemical treatment

4. Deodour process

5. RO

6. MBR / SBR /etc

7. Thermal destructions


We have to adopt the suitable concepts for specific waste to bring to the standard discharge norm , which place a main role. If the organisation is perticular of environment concerned can achieve the Zero discharge.

i can help any industry for better solution and i have developed the Zero discharge concept with thermal technology.



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  • Sir kindly elaborate the thermal destruction of waste gases....with some process examples based on industrial application.... 

  • Nice to see u your valuable comments. In my opinion you hv summaries your 33 years experience in short. Pl. Keep in touch in future.


    Priyank Arya
    9357345022, 9779009720
  • Only one thing ... I would like to say ... after 23 years in research and teaching ... until-unless ... we will not follow the Nature's way of taking care the things (managing our outplaced resources: Waste) we can not achieve it ... it may seems working now-a-days but will burst in many dimensions in future ... m I right ..???

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