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  • Biodiversity and Birds: A Field Journey (Kindle Edition)
    Author: Hiren B. Soni, Ph.D.
    ASIN : B08HMC789R
    Print Length: 161 Pages

    The fieldwork provides occupational therapy to the fieldworkers, amateurs, professionals and nature lovers, which impart the opportunity to integrate academic knowledge with application skills at progressively higher levels of performance and responsibility. The unique contributions of fieldwork include the opportunity to test firsthand theories and facts learned in academic study and to refine skills through interaction under the supervision of qualified personnel. Fieldwork also provides the naturalist with situations in which to practice interpersonal skills to develop characteristics essential to productive working relationships. Keeping in mind such facts, the present book on ‘Biodiversity and Birds: A Field Records’ is written in articulate manner citing innovative and inventive sightings of some unique species in the forested pockets of Gujarat, India. The book encompasses archetypal records of plants, animals, and birds along with their distinctive occurrence, feeding patterns, conservation, and management of threatened biodiversity, and many more. It also describes some remarkable, noteworthy, and astonishing sightings of species inhabiting in potential niches, habitats, and ecosystems of Western India. Here, the author has shared his incidental as well as subsisting experiences in amazing habitats amidst the nature trails of forested patches and thickets. This book will undoubtedly enrich and enhance the knowledge and awareness of naturalists in the field.
    Biodiversity and Birds: A Field Journey eBook: Ph.D., Hiren B. Soni: Kindle Store
    Biodiversity and Birds: A Field Journey eBook: Ph.D., Hiren B. Soni: Kindle Store
  • Biodiversity, Birds and Wetlands (Kindle Edition)
    Author: Hiren B. Soni, Ph.D.
    Print Length: 116 Pages

    This book focuses on biodiversity as a burgeoning spectrum of life. It highlights need of biodiversity conservation, causes and concerns, exploitation of biodiversity, habitat destruction, interaction of man and technology with biodiversity, policy framework for biodiversity conservation, and wilderness and forests. Moreover, it summarizes a review on birds with special emphasis on geographical and ecological distribution of avifauna of north-western India, birds in ancient times with myths and motifs, an integral association of trees and birds, birds migration, magnetic orientation of birds, and mythological beliefs about birds. The present book also covers exhaustive information on wetlands for tourism, important wetlands of national importance, wise use of wetlands, characteristics of wetlands, prime importance of wetlands as enduring habitats, and threats to viable wetlands. It also emphasize significant wetlands as abode for avifauna, wetlands as bird habitats, significant factors for survival of wetland birds, importance of wetlands for birds’ population, influence of wetlands on waterfowl population, wetland loss and decline of bird diversity, threats to avian habitats, and conservation and management strategies for potential avian ecosystems and legal policy framework for sustainability of waterbirds.
    Biodiversity, Birds and Wetlands eBook: Ph.D., Hiren B. Soni: Kindle Store
    Biodiversity, Birds and Wetlands eBook: Ph.D., Hiren B. Soni: Kindle Store
  • Dear Mr. Vinay,

    Envitrans organizes air dispersion modeling workshops on a regular basis in India. You may participate in the workshop, it covers fundamentals of air dispersion modeling, meteorology as well as hands-on training on US EPA regulatory models.
    Fortunately, the last workshop was scheduled on April 11-12, 2014 at Radisson Blu in Ghaziabad, Delhi-NCR.We are planning another workshop on AERMOD shortly.



  • Sir can can have your mobile number so that i can discuss with you regarding this matter.

  • Dear Vinay, 

    Could you please clarify what kind of training you are looking for?

    Training in AERMOD is generally provided as a part of AERMOD software sale process. Environmental Management Centre LLP is the India contact point for BREEZE software ( we provide sales and traiing support for BREEZE software suits incl. BREEZE AERMOD.

    If you are interested, we could organize an ala carte training customized for your needs. Please contact us at with few details like name, training needs etc.

    Hope this helps. 




  • Can Any Air Modelling Expert Give training regarding operations of Aermod software and also the basics. In mumbai

    Kindly help, very keen to get information regarding air modelling. 

  • Does anyone has an idea about upcoming trainings on noise & vibration modelling?

  • We have plans to organize workshop in Mumbai sometime late this year.

  • Any Air Dispersion Modelling workshop in Mumbai ??

  • 2 Day Workshop on Air Dispersion Modeling on April 11-12, 2014

    ENVITRANS® is pleased to announce two day workshop on atmospheric dispersion modeling. The workshop is intended to assist air quality professionals and students in the assessment of air pollution impact, its application and the corresponding regulatory requirements. As a result of this training, participants will be able to:

    • Understand air pollution meteorology and theory of atmospheric dispersion modeling
    • Perform an air quality modeling analysis using the ISCST3/AERMOD model for environmental impact assessment studies
    • Understand the regulatory requirements related to air quality modeling analysis and become knowledgeable of other air quality models

    For detail information please contact:

    Sourav Singh /
    Mobile: +91.8130500877



    ENVITRANS® is specialist environmental scientific consultancy in India with key expertise in the fields of computational modeling, software development, data processing, environmental information management and training.

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3-day Training Workshop on AQM in New Delhi

Dear AllClean Air Initiatives for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) is organizing a 3-day Training Workshop on SIM-Air (Simple Interactive Models for Better Air Quality) on 18-21 June 2012 at the Magnolia Hall of the India Habitat Centre in Lodhi Road in Delhi.  The training includes lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on training on the SIM-air family of tools for urban air quality management, with special focus on their recent application for the six cities –Pune, Chennai, Indore, Ahmedabad, Surat, and…

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Researchers and Earth Activists are invited to share their ideas at Climate change Conference

Dear Members!All are invited to participate, exchange views and present research work at Multidisciplinary National Conference on “Science of Climate change and Earth’s Sustainability: Issues and Challenges” on scientists-people partnership basis at Lucknow from 12-14 Sept., 2011 organised by The Society of Earth Scientists constituted to bring scientists of all the domains of earth science (including environmental scientists) and people at large together. Limited travel grant may also be…

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AERSCREEN Version 11060 is now available

AERSCREEN is a screening atmospheric dispersion model based on AERMOD, a likely alternative of SCREEN3 is a screening version of the ISC3 model.The AERSCREEN will produce estimates of "worst-case" 1-hour concentrations for a single source, without the need for hourly meteorological data, and also includes conversion factors to estimate "worst-case" 3-hour, 8-hour, 24-hour, and annual concentrations.-Sudhanshu

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