Till now professionals related to WWTP(waste water treatment plant) have concentrated only on the hardware. Lest us now, focus the heart of any WWTP....... the bacteria. Biotechnology can play a very important role in today's waste water scenario.

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  • This field is quite interesting and has a large scope in the industrial as well as domestic area also where there is no facilty to drain out the effluent water, ideas are welcome.

  • Dear Nanda waste water treatment does not mean that even useful content of waste water should be digested by bacteria.Chromium salts are expensive used in various processes.part of the chromium used in the process does not get consumed.Best management is to recover the unused chromium salt and reuse in the process.This is cost effective and the cost of the recovery plant gets neutralized over a period of time.If you want any assistance in design of chrome recovery plant i will be more than willing to help
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    I did B.Tech Biotechnology and M.Tech Environmental Engineering, so plz suggest me like in which area I can get job?

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We are managing many plants across India, where we ensure that:1. CPCB norms are more stringently met.2. Water is recycled completely3.There is reduction in cost due to lesser energy usage and chemicals4. There is no foul odour or vectorsIn order to ENSURE the delivery of above benefits, we have to take many actions, which are of routine nature. We want to know if there is someone who may have developed a software for managing these plants. We know the information that we need. Once we know of…

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Diatom Algae and wastewater treatment

Biotechnology for wastewater treatment and lake remediation has focused on use of bacteria.In nature the oxygen required by aerobic bacteria is produced mainly by Diatom Algae.We have found that when Diatoms grow in water the bacteria naturally present too grow well and water quality improves rapidly. Thus there is no need to add any specific species of diatoms or bacteria. In lakes diatoms are consumed by fish and in sewage treatment plants the diatoms die and fall to the bottom and become…

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Jobs for Biotechnologist

Dear Friends, I have a Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology and a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering. I assumed that after I complete my Master's I would land up with a good job owing to the kind of background I have. But on the other hand I am finding it very difficult to get a job. I thought a combination of Biotechnology and Environmental engineering would be great cause we understand the biology part, but in the real world getting a break in this field is quite tough. Could anybody…

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