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Which is the best Qualification for Health and Safety Officer?

What qualifications are available?

If you are seeking work in health and safety you should consider the kind of job you might want to take instead of simply taking up a qualification. Usually for a health and safety expert who is simply beginning their profession to take IOSH course. They may go to the IOSH Managing Safely. The NEBOSH International General Certificate is considered as a higher qualification than the above mentioned course. The IGC is an essential requirement for a full-time health and safety work.  

The characteristics those are required for a health and safety work?

Managers search for characteristics that totally fit with the specific organization and that you understand their qualities. Along with this, you have to show, that you are much eager and can adapt to various difficulties.  

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What NEBOSH jobs are available?

Health & Safety Advisor

A Health and Safety Advisor's everyday job will be  for the most part involve recommending and analyzing  the organization's health and safety plan and adjusting that to current law and order .

 You should ensure that the team you are meeting their own obligations. Also, that they are following the organization's health and safety rules. You are required to be in direct research on how the organization functions and audit organization policies. You should ensure they are right and are being preceded.  Along with this you will be required to liaise with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in regards to any statutory notices.

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NEBOSH expects you to have some type of approved qualification. Normally either NEBOSH International General Certificate or NEBOSH International Diploma. Also you should have some involvement in practicing health and safety skills and knowledge of H&S best practice and how to provide solution for issues.

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Health & Safety Officer

It is must that you have involvement in Health and Safety Law Regulations, Health and Safety Management and Safe Systems of Work. Consequently you should hold the base qualification of the NEBOSH International General Certificate. Along with having solid communication skills and have the ways to work productively, as a group.

There might be different names for the job profession, but they all hold the same job and all require a NEBOSH qualification

  • Health and Safety Auditor.
  • Health, Safety and CDM Advisor.
  • Senior Safety Advisor.
  • Health and Safety Coordinator.
  • Health and Safety Executive.
  • Environment, Health and Safety Manager.
  • Health and Safety Manager.

The Benefits of NEBOSH courses

Here are a few reasons why the NEBOSH International Certificate is a profitable qualification to hold. Read more here.

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