Why Save Water?

Why Save Water?
They say one feels the importance of anything only after it is gone. The same is happening with us in case of water. We are not understanding the importance of water right now. We have been deceived by the availability of water at the touch of our finger, 24 x 7. We are being fooled into thinking that we have water available in abundance.
But what if I say that it is true!!! We do have lakhs of litres of fresh, pure and consumable water. You might be thinking I also got fooled into believing the lie.
Well, here we have again been misguided. Every year lakhs of litres of Rainwater falls on various surfaces like roofs, roads, agricultural lands etc. This pure form of water can be and should be harvested. Water is not our property to waste, but a gift given by mother nature to us. And what we are asking is to just give a return gift to nature.
Save the rain while we still have time.

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