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Day out with Paryavaran Star: D. C. Shekhar! members, we are now 6500 members strong coming from 2000+ environment organizations! To celebrate the occasion we have redesigned the website to give space to 1000 truly innovative indian environment organizations who can join us as Institutional Partners and run the website together on one platform. Ping me at if you want to be part of my dream of "To create a million hours of work in the service of mother earth" .

You cannot seperate great paryavaran work from truly amazing paryavaran professionals who make the vision of your environment ogranization possible. Indian Environment NEtwork run by plans to celebrate these professionals by nominating one Paryavaran Star every week.  Happy to talk to any sponsors who can help us nominate one PAryvaran Star every day!!

This week we are proud to nominate D. C. Shekhar, as our next "Paryavaran Star" .

Chandra Kishore, Founder,, sat with Shekhar over a cup of virtual coffee on Facebook Live on February 9th , 8 PM India time/ February 9 , 9:30 AM US EST.

The interview was broadcasted on Facebook Live on our facebook page . Please LIKE and SHARE the page to get alerts for these interviews.

D.C. Shekhar was a merchant navy oil tanker captain until 2003 and oversaw operational risks of a fleet of oil tankers for few years while working at Singapore. He studied finance management at SIngapore and returned to India in 2007 to further study EGMP at IIM Bangalore.

He founded Lavender Pvt Ltd which studied the techno commercial dynamics of sectors of cruise tourism, hydrofoils, seaplanes, yacht marinas and Ro Ro circuits for the Government.

He further founded AlphaMERS Ltd and engaged in innovation of problem areas in water bodies. AlphaMERS developed and patent applied multiple solutions including floating trash barrier, silt trapping, maritime floating security barriers, ocean wave energy converters and flood relief gear.

AlphaMERS, incorporated in 2010, has been a profit making bootstrapped MSME which has invested heavily in R&D from its own accruals, and successfully developed solutions in sunrise industries of environment, maritime security and renewable energy.

"Day out with a Star" is a an initiative of ( Indian Environment Network) to give a platform to amazing innovators all over the world where their fans can directly book one-on-one time with their idols and get inspired. Support us by joining as an institutional partner to showcase your Star professionals, customers and community members as the next "Star" on our platform!

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