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The term animal has its origin from the Latin word animalis which means one who has breath.

This word is usually applied for the non-human members of the Kingdom Animalia in animal taxonomy. However, the closer relatives of humans like mammals (having mammary glands) have been included in this term. Thus cows, bats, rats etc also are mammals.

The biological definition of the word animal refers to all members of the taxonomic kingdom Animalia which incorporates a vast diversity of animals ranging from sponges, insects, whales, elephants and even humans.

Thus, the world of animals is very amazing as it has vast range of diversity in terms of body shape, structure, habitat, feeding habits, and behavior.

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There are millions of animals existing today

But hundreds have gone into extinction

But we know them & see them in movies & museums


There are many animals that are endangered slowly moving towards extinction

The predominant activity being human interference with their habit & habitat

Let us stop this interference with their livelihood and let’s not fight with them

Let’s love them and give them a place to live in their native

Let’s set thing right now because it’s not too late yet.


Hope his school work motivate me to write more


Thanks to my Son Vamsi Krishna & Pallavi Model School

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