We are pleased to share with you our blog post 'Avoiding a failure of one more version of the National Water Policy' .

In this blog, Dr Eshwer Kale, Dr Marcella D’Souza and Crispino Lobo write on 'Water in Agriculture' providing recommendations towards a National Water Policy (NWP) that can address the issues in the water sector.

The recent report of the NITI Aayog highlights the alarming water crisis India is facing -- 21 cities are expected to run out of groundwater by 2020. This underscores the need to frame a NWP that not only addresses imminent challenges but also establishes a framework and pathway to sustainable, efficient and equitable management of surface and groundwater resources. 
The blog proposes a clear roadmap with a clear responsibility and accountability structure. Adoption of an ecosystem-based approach, climate proofing watersheds, promotion of 'water stewardship', the Water Governance Standard and climate-resilient agriculture are key towards achieving desirable changes in the water sector in India.  

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