Department of Environmental Science 

The mission of the Department of Environmental Science is to build an intimate relationship with nature through experiential learning and to encourage the sustainable management of resources, the protection and restoration, when necessary of the natural environment through changes in public policy and individual behavior through education, research, outreach and network on environment

This two-year M.Sc. in Environmental Science course has an international appeal due to its particularly strong scientific underpinning to environmental analysis, with field, practical and laboratory work. Established in 2010, it combines the joint expertise of various departments in Somaiya Vidyavihar Campus.

The M.Sc. programme provides professional skills to the students in the key areas of Environmental Science such as Environmental Management, Biodiversity Assessment and Conservation, Pollution Control and Waste Management, Environmental Biotechnology, Ecological Economics, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Law, Policy and Planning, and Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System, Climate Change and Central Disaster Management (CDM).

Eminent scientists, researchers and environmentalists are invited from various research organizations, NGOs and universities to interact with the students. This ensures wide access to practitioners' knowledge and understanding of the scientific processes, procedures and policies involved in the day-to-day management of the environment. In effect, this MSc is the only truly inter-disciplinary, science-based postgraduate course of its kind in Mumbai.

For the practical and professional training of the students, the Institute has fully equipped experimental laboratories, computers and GIS laboratory, library, seminar room and lecture rooms with modern facilities as well as field experimental facilities. In the Institute, the students are trained to analyze and assess environmental systems and problems and to develop policies and strategies for sustainable environmental management.

The Institute is going to expand Ph.D. programme in Environmental Science .


  • Industry (Environmental Impact Assessment, Sustainable Resource Management, Waste Management, Environmental Biotechnology, Ecotechnology).
  • Government and Business Sector (Environmental Manager, Environmental Consultant, Analysts).


  • Universities and Research Institutes (Teaching and Research).
  • Indian Forest service/Indian administrative services
  • NGOs
  • Entrepreneurships in Organic farming, Ecotourism, Mass Media, Environmental journalism etc.


Course coordinator: Dr. Sugandha Shetye, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry (Ph.D. Chemistry).

Contact no. 9819500 324

Email: Sugandha@somaiya.edu


  1. Dr. Elizabeth Abba, Assistant Professor,(Ph.D. Environmental Science)
  2. Dr. Sanjay Joshi , Assistant Professor,(Ph.D.zoology)

No. of seats:  20

Fees: Rs. 40 000/- approx./per year

Eligibility : The M Sc in Environmental Science is offered to graduates from earth, biological and physical sciences, engineering, mathematics, environmental management, and other relevant disciplines scoring minimum 50%.

Selection Process: The students who wish to get admission to this course should apply online from our website WWW.somaiya.edu/vidyavihar/kjssc.  Group discussion and personal interview on June 17,2013. 

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