How many of us have said that this thing or that thing bothers me. I would think we all have at one time or the other in our lives (m)uttered those words. Yet, how many of us have actually done something about it?
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  • yes it bothers every one !!! traffic is a problem in every city!!!!

  • really a great concept . :)

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Traffic in cities

A traffic violation in progress…Date: July 16, 2010, 9:10 amPlace: Ring Road (Between Ashram and DND)(Left) The scooterist is taking a U-turn over the central verge. He’s coming from Ashram side of the Ring Road and going towards Ashram.(Centre) He’s now on the Ring Road going towards Ashram . Notice the bags and helmet hanging from the scooter. (We otherwise talk only of overloaded trucks on Delhi’s roads and India’s highways.)(Right) If that’s not all, he’s weaving in and out of traffic…

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Urban 'planning'

The first photograph was taken on 5 July 2010 in Noida after a brief pre-monsoon spell. This is the second year I have seen this happen and this was to be expected except that the urban 'planners' and contractors just could not. The small 'drain' you notice was dug up after last year's monsoon led to waterlogging and traffic jams. The other one was taken on the same day at the Lodhi Road crossing opposite the new hotel. Part of the BRT beautification carried out last year. No one bothered to…

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