Grow Local Get Local is a vision. 

Experts say that it’s only a vision that turn into thoughts and thoughts into action. It is a vision of making our local communities ‘food resilient’. 
It promotes the vision of promoting local food system, but allows the liberty to think and act globally. Let’s make local food system the next import of globalization. 

It’s sustainable and it’s doable! 
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Do we all know what 'food mile' means? I am amazed to see how much people are concerned and aware about things as little as 'food'...have a look on this video

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  • Greetings!!! An excellent initiative. "Local"is critically important in resilience. However, resilience for food has also to be seen in the background of the holistic ecological and social resilience and despite of the fact 'food as a commodity or bioproduct' can not be seen in isolation. I am looking for useful discussions here.

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  • It's time for foodscaping!

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