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About Forest Research Institute, Dehradun


Established in 1906, the Forest Research Institute, Dehra Dun, is one of the oldest institutions of its kind, and acclaimed the world over. The Institute's history is vertually synonymous with the evolution and development of scientific forestry, not only in India, but over the entire Indian sub-continent. Set in a lush green estate spread over 450 hectares, with the outer Himalaya forming its back drop, the Institute's main building is an impressive edifice, marrying Greco-Roman and Colonial styles of architecture, with a plinth area of 2.5 equipped laboratories,library, herbarium, arboreta, printing press and experimental field areas for conducting forestry research, quite in keeping with the best of its kind anywhere in the world. Its museums, in addition to being a valuable source of scientific information, are a major attraction for tourists.

The Institute caters, in particular, to the research needs of the Indo-Gangetic plains of Punjab, Hrayana, Chandigarh, Delhi and Western Uttar Pradesh, as Well as the U.P. Himalayas. Forestry research at the FRI is organised under fourteen divisions.

Since its establishment, the Institute has lendered Yeoman service to the forestry sector, not only within the country, but internationally as well. Research achievements of this Institute in the field of silviculture, now spanning over 50 years, have founded the edifice of forestry and scientific forest management in our country. Valuable scientific knowledge has been generated and documented on the silviculture of over 550 species of trees; classification of forest types of india, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar; silviculture sytems for tropical forests; successful introduction of exotics, Eucalyptus, poplars, Tropical Pines, Acacias and Leucaena leucocephala; seed technology of over 80 importnat forest tree seeds, and management of bamboos. Over 2000 sample plots, established over the years, have provided data for compiling yield and volume tables for over 120 tree species. Preservation plots established throughout the country since 1929,have helped gain a better understanding of forest ecology, biodiversity and the environment. The Institute's achievements in forest products research, particularly during the world wars,have contributed valuably to the development of forest based industries in the country. The Arsenic-Copper Chromate treatment for wood preservation, developed by the Institute, is now widely adopted throughout the world. Investigatio on, and documentation of, have helped timber utilising industries. The Institute has also pioneered the process of pulping bamboos for paper making.

Over thirty five tools, developed by the Institute's Forest Operations Division, have proved a boon to workers engaged in field forestry operations, such as logging and tending, vastly improving efficiency levels, and simultaneously contributing valuably towards the conservation of precious timber resources.

Study and development of termite control measures and control of insect pests of Sal,shisham,Teak and Babul,rank among the foremost achievements of the Entomology Division of the Forest Research Institute. Similarly, many pioneeirng works have been accomplished in the field of Forest mycology and pathology. Forest nurseries over the country nave benefitted immensely, producing quality seedings using insect-pest and disease control practices pioneered at this Institute.

Notable among achievements in Forest Genetics are the development of hybrids of Eucalyptus, capable of producing a lorger biomass, viz, FRI-4 and FRI-5, creation of model seed orchards of teak and semul, and tissue culture of eucalyptus.

Research in Non-wood Forest Products (NWFP) at FRI has led to several noteworthy achievements of immense industrial importance,such as the development of Rill method of tapping pines for resin extraction,perfection of techniques for katha extraction from khair, extraction of oxalic acid from bark of Terminalia tomentosa and T.arjuna and cultivation and utilisation practices of a number of exotic aromatic and drug yielding plants.

The herbarium maintained by the Institute houses 330.000 outhenticated plant specimens,the best in the East. Its Xylarium, with a collection of over 18,000 wood specimens from India and abroad,qualifies the Institute as the best source of reference for wood identification.

On the basis of recommendation of the UGC, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (Government of India) declared the Forest Research Institute to be a Deemed University vide its notification No.F-9-25/89-U-3, dated 6th December,1991.

The Forest Research Institute `Deemed University' conducts the following academic activities :

Ph.D. programmes for postgraduates students.

Specialised courses-Postgraduate Diploma courses in Pulp and Paper Technology, Wood Technology and Plantation Technology have commenced w.e.f. 1992.

Networking with other training institutions involved in the field of forestry education.

The research perspectives of the Institute focus on:

Production and certification of quality seed/planting materials relating to important tree species of its zone of reference.

Social forestry.

Eco-rehabilitation of the central Himalayas of U.P.

Utilisation of wood and development of non-wood forest products.

Afforestation techniques for strees sites and wastelands.

Introduction of high yielding species, e.g., paulownia,poplars and other species of economic importance.

Cultivation techniques for Bamboos (including edible varieties).

Use of VAM, rhizobia, frankia as biofertilisers.


For further information, please contact :

Forest Research Institute (FRI)
(Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education)
P.O. New Forests
E-Mail :

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  • Hello, I am Vipin V. Kamble, M. Sc. Envi. Mgt. First Batch 2000-2002, would like to join the Club. Presently Working as EIA Coordinator with Envi. Coonsultant at Auranagabad (MS). It gives warm feeling to be part of own circle. Hopefully sharing ideas with group would good learning experience from both ends.


  • Hello FRI club...I am Meban Nongrum, currently pursuing MSc Forestry in FRI DU...It is a warm feeling to be a part of this circle...and to have a chance in discussing and learning various issues....Keep posting...

  • Hello, Myself Joystu Dutta and I am pursuing masters in Env. Mngmnt. from FRI. I will be highly obliged if recent oppurtunities for projects @ FRI are discussed in the group. Similarly positions for vacations in different relevant sectors of env. are also discussed.
  • Founder
    Nitesh, You are welcome to the club. Do blog about your experiences and share it with us.
  • Hello,
    My self Niteesh Chaudhary and I m working as Senior Project Assistant in ICFRE and want to join FRI paryavaran club.
  • Hello,
    I am Dr Parul Srivastava. I did my PhD from FRI in 2008.I would like to join FRI Paryavaran club
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opp for graduate student

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Postdoctoral Research Assistant

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