We are proud to nominate Nate Van Beilen as our next "Green Star" under "Day out with a Star" platform at for working to shape the future of our society as a low carbon economy.

Nate is currently focusing on the development of innovative financing strategies for the transition to a low-carbon economy at The Climate Solutions Group. Nate is also involved with circular economy initiatives, and contributes to Just Vertical, a start-up providing innovative sustainable agriculture solutions for urban settings. Nate is the Director of Strategy at a think tank called the Centre for Development and Strategy (CDS), and writes articles and blogs for multiple websites.

Chandra Kishore, Founder, Indian Environment Network and "Day out with a Star" platform will sit with Nate over a cup of virtual coffee on Facebook Live on May 28, 11 AM US EST at

This series is brought to you by Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM) Program, University of Toronto, Canada. Nate is also an illustrious Alumni of the institute. The MScSM program provides the training for their graduates to act outside the traditional disciplinary black boxes; integrate knowledge from management, social, and natural sciences to address sustainability issues; and make leading contributions and lasting advances in sustainability management. Learn more about the program at

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