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IEN Members,

We are ready to launch, a marketplace where members of Indian Environment Network and the whole world can buy and sell learning experiences.

Become extra (ordinary) and a leader by sharing your experiences with the world. Share happiness and be the change! Spend a day out with someone who value your services!

Go ahead, post your listing to sell your knowledge and expertize with the community. Someone, somewhere wants to learn from your rich experience. And he is ready to pay for the privilege!

Check out few existing listing at and email us at for an invitation code if you want to add your own listing for training and sharing your day with a new class of world citizens.

Few examples:

1. Experts can add a listing for someone to spend a day out with them and learn under their guidance.

2. Eco-tourism and nature professionals can add a listing offering to take someone outdoors on nature photography or wildlife tours.

3. Environment professionals can take someone out in the field and teach about innovative environmental projects.

4. Entrepreneurs and Founders can offer to show-case their services to prospective clients and investors.

5. Non-profits can add a listing so that someone can spend a day out with the Founder to learn about his non-profit work in the field and donate to the cause in the process.

6. Corporate organization can offer citizens to showcase their Corporate social responsibility work and receive lot's of goodwill in the process.

7.Training organizations and consultants can add their learning experiences.

8. College and school nature clubs can offer to showcase their work to outsiders and earn money for their club.

9. Product and service vendors in the environment sector can offer to spend some time showcasing their products to prospective clients.

Many ideas to spend a day out just develop your listing and contact us to get your invitation code for joining the marketplace!

IEN team

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Comment by Chandra Kishore on April 4, 2015 at 10:48pm

Thank you Pranay, You are welcome to showcase your talent through this medium!

Comment by Pranay Krishnan on April 3, 2015 at 2:16am

Thank You Mr. Chandra Kishore for this initiative. 

I believe it is an interesting and a much needed initiative to make the society aware about the interesting ways in which people can contribute to environment and most importantly a medium of recognition to the contributors.
I am a Environmental professional carving my path into this field and hope to join this initiative and contribute positively in the ways possible to me. -online webportal to network and do business and philanthropy with Indian Environment Organizations and Professionals


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