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Dear Researcher,

During last 9 years, we have published more than 120 books (under the aegis of ENVBOOKS series) and currently editing few more new International books on various themes like:

‘Energy and renewable sources’

 ‘Vermicompost and Vermitechnology’

‘Air Pollution and Control technologies’

'Noise Pollution and Control'

 ‘Geospatial Technology and Natural Resources’

‘Bioremediation and Biotechnology’

‘Water resources conservation & management’

'Climate Change'

'Seed Technology'

'Food Technology'

'Pest Control and Management'

'Plant Disease Management''

‘Safety and Disaster Management’

 ‘Clean Technology’

‘Animal Biodiversity’

'Soil Pollution and Lithosphere'

‘Biodiversity and conservation’

'Microbial Ecology'

‘Waste Management’

‘Environmental Toxicology and Heavy metals’

‘Biotechnological Tools and Environment’

We have received a large number of manuscripts from UK, Canada, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, China, South Africa, Japan, Guyana, PNG, Nepal, South America, India, etc. So, we have decided to publish these projects as soon as possible.

Manuscripts can be submitted as earliest as possible for our current ongoing books on above given topics.

Guideline for Authors:

Manuscripts should be Descriptiveerror free and no proof will be sent for rechecking before publishing.

Lengthy papers will be preferred. Submitted manuscripts should be of more than 20 pages in single line space. There is no publishing and handling charges for suitable and selected papers. No royalty will be given in any condition.

Page strength Vs Publication charges: 
MSS Pages                   Charges for Indian (INR)            Charges for Foreigners (USD)
 > 20                                   Free                                                Free
15-19                                  500                                                 50

10-14                                  700                                                100

06-09                                 1000                                               150

03-05                                 1500                                               200

Brief details for manuscript format are given below:

Manuscript should be in simple form and consists of- Abstract, Introduction, Materials and methods, Results and Discussion, Acknowledgements (if any), References in MS-Word format 12 font size and single line space. Besides, you can design the manuscript as per the requirement of paper in special cases or review paper. Hard copy submission is not required.

Please avoid unwanted formatting and do maintain the references and text strictly as per instructions.

Use single MS-Word file for one manuscript. No separate cover letter is required.

Please always give full addresses (with city and country), affiliations, e-mail in each paper.  

Corresponding authors must write his/her postal address & e-mail address in each paper.

Correct and full postal address and e-mail address are must. Soft copy reprints will be sent to corresponding authors only.

Reference format-

Bharti, P. K. and Chauhan, A. (2012): Climate Change and Agriculture, Discovery Publishing House, Delhi, pp: 326.

Bharti, Pawan K. (2007): Why are Indian standards not strict? Current Science, 93(9): 1202.

Deadline of manuscript submission for these books (1st Vol.) is 30 May 2019. Books will be published in Mar 2020. Deadline for IInd Vol. of these books is 30 September 2019 and for IIIrd Vol. the deadline is 30 November. The books will be published by June 2020. Thereafter, new books publication will be continue in consecutive years too.

Please send only papers those are not submitted elsewhere, because withdrawal of these papers will not be possible after reaching in the further publication process.

Always use this ID ( for correspondence.

Please keep patience and trust.

If you are interested for being editor in our books, please contact our chief editor.

Feel free to ask anything and if this e-mail is not related to you, please ignore it.


Managing editor,

for ENVBOOKS series

Delhi, India


Dr. Pawan Kumar ‘Bharti’


Dr. A. Chauhan


Dr. Khwairakpam Gajananda


Prof. Olubukola Oluranti Babalola

South Africa

Prof. H.A.H. Kaoud


Dr. Govinda Bhandari


ENVBOOKS series is also providing editorial/Technical services (on payment basis) for:

  • Research paper writing & publishing,
  • Your own book publishing
  • Editor in a book
  • Ph.D. Synopsis, Ph.D. Thesis writing,
  • Patent File
  • Organizing Conferences/workshop
  • Environmental consultancy
  • Career counseling and job placement
  • Modeling for EIA projects
  • Organizing scientific/academic event

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The publishing book contains ISBN number?

if yes, i want to publish a book with your publishing firm. -online webportal to network and do business and philanthropy with Indian Environment Organizations and Professionals


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