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permissible limits for sewage treatment plants of local municiple corporation.....

Dear all,

myself shailesh gamit(I/C:-chemist)public health eng.laboratory of vadodara municipal corporation....VMC have six sewage treatment plants in the city and all plants earlier have the permissible limits for BOD=30 mgm/lit and TSS=100 mgm/lit but when we started to take rebate from the SPCB,then they strengthen the limits as follow:-

BOD= 20 mgm/lit and TSS= 30 mgm/lit.

Now i have gone through the different law books but i cant able to get the specific permissible limits for sewage treatment i request you all if someone have referance or any knowledge regarding this please guide me for the specific issue....

Thanx and Regards.....

Shailesh Gamit(I/C:-chemist)




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Dear Sailesh,

I'm not much aware of the standards in India, But I worked on various Sewage water treatment modeling in GCC region (Middle East) where the Standards for

BOD = 20mg/l and Suspended Solids = 10-30 mg/l.

More or less its same throughout the world. And good to see that India started following the Standards.

Best Regards,


Dear Shailesh,

As you told standards are same. But, in your case, by considering huge quantity of sewage generation and being discharged which is ultimately resulting in high organic load, SPCB may have strengthen the standards to offset the high organic load. I would also like to say, instead of relaxation in standards we have to think how to achieve strict standards for minimum pollution.


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