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Online Course on Climate change and Disaster Management, starting January 2011.

Dear Friends,
An online course on Climate-change and Disaster Management, 4 weeks duration, being conducted by NIDM jointly with World Bank Institute. Course starts first week January 2011. Course is internet based and no need to phsically come to NIDM.
Details are available from NIDM website ( Fee Rs. 1000/-
Alternatively send me a mail ( so I forward to the Project Manager of the WBI Courses for further details. Apply by end of November 2010.
I shall be course director and shall steer the course.
Best wishes
Anil K Gupta
NIDM New Delhi

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Sir, is it a basic course or a specialised course as per the NIDM definition ?
Great...more such courses must come
It is a specialised Course. However, candidates having relevant background and experience can apply for direct admission to this course as well.

Apoorv Jain said:
Sir, is it a basic course or a specialised course as per the NIDM definition ?

thanx for sharing the information.

I would like to know about the eligibility and details about the kind of certification the participant would get.

Hoping to hear from you.

Please see details at
Hi i am an environmental professional and i am very much interested in this course. As it is a specialized course am i eligible for the same without doing the basic course. There is no specific requirements given for this course in the website. Would be grateful if you kindly confirm.
Thank you for sharing this news, Mr. Gupta. This sounds quite interesting!
To benefit everyone at the table, here is a link to a document explaining the program in detail:

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