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New approach for classification of urban coastal areas - CRZs

We have developed a new approach for classification of urban coastal areas accounting ecological sensitivity to help developmental and planning authorities. The current CRZ framework does not consider variations in biodiversity or landscapes in different regions along the coast and suffers from subjectivity. To improve the objectivity of the coastal area classification is the aim of the present work. A Geographical Information System (GIS) coupled Multi-criteria Decision Making (MCDM) approach is developed in this work to provide scientific rational for classifying coastal areas.

We can share the complete article if you are interested in reading complete article. Pls. fill out following form.

We aim to further improve/refine this approach. We are reaching out to the experts working in this area specially in India who are willing participate in the interaction and provide inputs. If you are interested in the interaction and can provide your inputs, pls. drop in your details using link below, we will share complete article and contact you for further interaction.

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