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Hiii all, gud afternoon...

               As iam in the process of searching for a good topic for phd, i want your valuable suggestions regarding this....please suggest me some current challenges in environment on which i can proceed. thank you 

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I can think of a few difficult topics and both are relevant in their own ways

1. The Amount of water a river carries in different seasons-estimation what adds and what prevents.

2. Ground water recharge for a given area-again how to increase/decrease

3.Solid waste disposal-better ways to manage the ever growing heap.

4.Reduce Air Pollution -ways.

You can opt for some of the following problems ifyou choose:

1.Seasonal pollution loads and primary production assessment of rivers or major streams of your locality.

2. Hazardous waste estimation, collection, recycling and management procedures of  your city or district with temporal data

3, Electronic waste management survey in the light of case studies.

4. Flood and climate studies in relation to land changes or river/stream diversions. 

Kindly drop your idea of doing Ph.D. , a Ph.D. in my opinion is somewhat where we apply our knowledge and wisdom in filling the lacuna of the science. Kindly have your thoughts and ask for suggestion to refine. If taken my suggestion kindly do one week assignment on any one topic of your interest on the following questions: 1) Why 2)what 3)Where 4)How,this would help not only in your career but the people around you.

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