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Hello all,

I have joined IR as a Group A officer through UPSC. As a part of training, I have to undertake a project related to IR. As I have completed M. tech in Envrin Engg, I wish to work in a domain related to wastewater. Can anyone please help me to choose a topic regarding the same.

Thanks in Advance

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How about left over food management? For example in Rajdhani Express we get a lot of food per person and seldom it finished by us. But while throwing it out everything gets thrown away together. So how about composting that wet waste and segregating the silver foils and containers for recycling etc. If possible the untouched food can be given to the homeless or the beggars on the platforms. Also tea bags and other eatables that are thrown directly into the dustbin can be segregated there itself. 

Waste management i.e. from generation to dosposal could be excellent contemporary topic of case studies....

You could take up a project on Rainwater harvesting in railway stations. I don't think its done in most of the stations in India. 

I appreciate your interest in the domain..
You might look into effective handling of wastewater generated from washrooms in trains, maybe on reuse. I personally have seen some bio toilets in trains, its a good initiative. However I don't feel its a workable solution in India(Ex: Mahanama express). Working for some realistic solutions that suit our Indians will really be a great achievement..

All the best!!

I think regulatory compliance of Indian Railways towards rail personnel, passenger safety and Environment is untouched and in dire need issue now a days. Please try to suggest regulatory requirements etc.. for example we can research what other developed countries like USA and Canada are following and implementing as a part of Railway Safety Act. As a Govt representative you can do some ground breaking work, All the best

Hi ...
I appreciate your concern regarding wastewater in IR ....Having specialization in this field, can discuss it. BIo toilets as suggested by PETLA SRI HARI a Gud topic or else can work on BIO purification of potable water too.

As India is on the leash of solar energy, Solar panels over the railway platform roof tops can be a viable option. May be we can use this trapped energy to purify wastewater generated within railway premises.

Besides, rainwater harvesting can be also best option to look into.

Hello Vinayak,

Congratulations! All the previous suggestions are highly relevant. However, in India, the main issue is public attitudes to the railway and just putting new technologies won't solve the environmental problems. Take the example of Mahanama Express. Therefore, I would suggest you to include both social and environmental approaches in your project. Topics such as bio-toilet, rainwater harvesting, waste water treatment, waste disposal,  etc. are need of the hour. We should also focus on keeping the railway tracks clean and also the land on both the sides of railway tracks (under IR ownership). Whenever you travel you will see that the railway tracks are full of plastics (tea/coffee cups, pan masala pouch, polythene bags, etc.) which are highly detrimental to the environment. You just can't burn them openly. You need to collect them and recycle. If you can ban selling products in plastic bags on trains and platforms then it may be helpful. Therefore, please think about solving this problem by employing both social and environmental 'engineering' means and innovations. I am open for further discussions. 



Hello Vinayak. I am also an environmental Engineer. What was the subjects you took for UPSE ? Because I also think railways could be a sector that ENV. ENGG. can tap. The trains from Delhi to Bhopal have installed bio toilets and as I m currently in Bhopal and travel alot, these toilets are working fine. You can think of new innovative idea like this.  

Namaste Vinayak Ji, 

all Others have suggested a lots and all can be implemented easily,  need to aware the people who serve in railways & who use the rail ( By meaning of posters and displaying quotes showing the area for waste at stations ,  create a basic infrastructure where every trains at stations can empty their Dustbins in big dustbins  ( now the housekeeping persons thrown in track).  every station have small yard where waste can be segregated (give space to labor who can short and sell it and if possible some companies enter in and share profit with railways)

aware people to spread a fruit seeds in track usually eating fruits and dispose seeds in dustbin. ( or make some seed bomb of suitable species and spread on track sides that can grow trees and make green belt. 

water harvesting at the railway station and utilization for drinking purpose with display - useful to prevent  bottling water some extent and direct help to environment.

Moral education in all indians can matter lots.


Hello Vinayak,

You can check the following report (Available in "New Reports" section of CPCB's website)

You can choose any of the railway siding/s and focus on waste water generated from there and its management.

All the best



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