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Hi All, 

Can anybody help me to understand if there is any regulatory body which controls and issues the approval for seawater abstraction in India. 

Would appreciate a your early responses on the same.



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For seawater intake and outfall you need to obtain CRZ Clearance. Need to apply with rapid EIA, CRZ map and application form to your state's Coastal Zone Management Authority.

After SCZMA recommendation your project will be appriased by Expert Appriasal Committee of Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change.

CRZ clearance of your project will be issued by MoEFCC

Unless the purpose of sea water abstraction is clearly known, no suggestion can be made on the permission granting Authority.

The reply given by learned member Mr.Vikrant Kulkarni may not be correct since there is no such provision in the CRZ Notification as no procedure is  laid down on abstraction of sea water in the said rules.

Dear Mr. Kulkarni and Dr. Kotaley, 

Thank  you so much for taking out time to respond. 

@Mr. Kulkarni I am aware of the CRZ clearance procedure but as far as my understanding it only provides permission for initiation of activities falling in CRZ zone only not on seawater abstraction..correct me, if I am wrong.

@Dr. Kotaley -The water is required for industrial consumption purpose, hence want to understand if there is any authority governing the same. 



Which industry exactly? Hope it is not a Thermal Power plant and large quantit y of water is not required fir cooling purpose.Confirm please.

Yes, it is a thermal power plant and seawater would be used for cooling water make up . 

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