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I believe that the seminars and awareness programs that are organised in present time mainly involve the learned and educated people as participants while they should involve the laymen,the common people,the tribal people who are directly linked to the environment and who influence it the most.

Please give your opinion on this and suggest methods by which valuable information could b transferred to even the most poor and backward sections of our society,rather than specifying work of NGOs working under the rural development or environment welfare. Give ideas to include the government as organizer in this case. 

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We should invite experienced persons in environmental activities from rural areas in our environment related events. In my village two persons in their 90+ age are still active in environmental activities. One person is involved in tree-plantation and another in water-serving to birds and animals. Both have good knowledge of environment-literature but our current educated young generation avoid to follow such experienced persons.
Dr. Suwa Lal Jangu I agree with you thats actually happening. I dont know if its a generation gap issue or acceptability issue or coordination issue or discipline issue or mix of all. But I think people who are actually interested in the field never bother about the age of any experienced person, they always tend to contact them and approach them.

Thank you for your reply.

I agree. And that's why it is really a need to motivate the young generation to follow the people who really does the work and whose work really matters.

don't you think that there should be case studies based on the work of such people in the school syllabus so that the children get motivated.....

It's only possible if people like you sir will help to do so..


Sir please send me the name of those two men of your village and their work history so that i can tell about those two great personality to my fellow beings.

It will be of great help to me.

Thank you.

Its good to hear such practical words from you M'am.

I agree.

The main problem is that we don't want to approach the part of society that actually need awareness and that is effected the most.

Most of seminar are held to deliver presentations and promote research work but it should not be forgot that in field of Environmental sciences the participation of people is most important.

It's an urgent need. We all should start together

Dear Sir,
As this question arised in your thinking then we might not be on the right path by involving only learned personalities and they themselves discussing about the issues without taking the consent/permission/opinion of a layman who is working hard to feed the people who are sitting and thinking about them in A/c rooms!! I am sorry to give my opinion in this fashion, you are right we shall include the local layman's opinion in these seminars.

I feel bad when the tribal issues are dealt in a a/c room without taking their opinion also. Like the smokeless chullahas to latest toilets their opinion is not taken into consideration. We shall certainly see that the local representatives are given a place in the seminar and seminars without vested interests should be organized. Like most of the seminars arranged with food and material to take away (bags, pamphlets, books, folder pens etc.,) for this the organizers will collect money too, so instead of all these things, the knowledge can be given for free. These programmes can be organized in places like universities with a free entry for everyone.

that's a great idea.

I too do feel that the pen,paper,costly food and high teas aren't of concerns of the environmentalists.

Yes we don't need them. We are not businessmen, we are not VIPs, we work for welfare of people, for nature and the thing we require is passion and a strong will to protect and serve.

My friend I agree with you and I believe that the people whose lives we think of changing should be given a chance to give their opinion and ideas. 

There is a lot of tribal and ancient conservation techniques that can be modified and used in present days context.

Pls do spread this idea so that soon we see the common people happily joining the conferences without any bias.


The answer lies in transparency! You should not put knowledge in a walled garden through training and seminars. The vast knowledge now residing free on the internet is a great solution. We need to add to that knowledge with solutions that work at the grassroots. That was my main goal in creating Global Learning School, an online platform where anyone can add simple guides on solving problems that professionals and people in the field can use to solve field problems. I would love to have volunteers like you who can organize field knowledge into simple interactive online guides that grows with collective wisdom. Are you ready to write your first guide??

Dear Sir,

With a valid salute to your efforts, I would wish to give my consent to write a guide. But before that you just guide me on which topic I need to write. I am interested in promotion of our culture and traditions and their hidden environmental messages. I can go on writing interesting topics on this topic. Thank you very much for the opportunity. Where ever and whenever, I find a solution/ material/ guide I will also upload and will help you in your task sir. Thank you and congratulations one more time for your effort. Thank you very much for bringing like-minded people to one platform.

Yes definitely it'll be my pleasure if I can be of any help to the people regarding spreading awareness and knowledge related to the environment.

Can I ask you the process to be followed now so that I can be of your help.

Kindly give me the procedure.


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