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Yamuna Pollution 2010

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'Yamuna Ka Astitva aur Hum' is a short documentary made by the students of NEW DELHI YMCA, IMSIT as their final project (2009-2010)..2010 is significant for ...

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  • Thanks Rohit...we must share with all...
  • Thanks Mr. Rohit to share this valuable film. this is ""very nice to see but bad to think"". I personally visited Yamuna, and I have seen some barrages, which actually restrict the flow of Yamuna, also I have seen some spots which was totally polluted, (I mean done polluted by us). Every time we ask to the government to clean the river or to take the action, but I think its our individuals responsibility to keep Yamuna clean instead to make it clean.
  • Founder
    I have posted the video here. Please use the embed code to embed youtube videos.
  • Thanks for sharing the link, Rohit! That was good to know. Since time immemorial, people have used the rivers to cleanse themselves, and to discard wastes, especially when there was nothing too harmful to the ecosystem. Now with plastics, detergents, pesticides and fertilizers entering the river, it is not safe to use it anymore. Because both biodegradable and non-biodegradable trash is thrown into the river, the problem is complicated. The solutions, as the video suggests, should be BOTH - grassroots and governmental. After all, that is how the problem got created in the first place..
  • Dear all,

    You can watch the video at this link

    Sorry about this; I have no idea what is wrong here.
  • how to see this video?
  • no Video..
  • no video
  • I couldn't view this video.
  • Hi Rohit, I am unable to view this video. What would you suggest I do?
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