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Watch our mentorship session with the Paryavaran Star: Prof. Amit Lahiri, Chief Sustainability Officer, O.P. Jindal Global University.  Live on November 8, 10:00 PM India Time, 11;30 AM US Eastern Standard Time.

Water Harvesting for Climate Resilience: The Maharashtra Story- WACREP

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Under Water & Climate Resilience Program, India Water Partnership (GWP-India) documented story of Marathawada regions (8 districts), Maharashtra which were t...

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  • Thanks, Kavita. Are there any local initiatives in that area or adjoining areas? Please let us know the details or references on internet.

  • Appreciable Sir, please have a look on the problems of Osmanabad, Chorakhali village farmers facing the problems related water, why these scheme are not runned in this village, need to visit this village request you to make an beauitful documentry of Osmanabad chorakhali village farmers facing these problems & giving solution like this shown in your documentry of Aurangabad District.

  • Thanks Swati. Someday we will try to document the Chal/Khal of Uttarakhand. More information would be welcome.

  • Very nice documentary. Appreciable efforts done.

    The structures shown in the documentary made me to remind the similar structures called Chal/Khal are also used in rural area (hilly region) in Uttarakhand to conserve and increase the ground water level.

  • Well said, Gunwant. Our next mission is documentation of indigenous knowledge of Meghalaya and Mizoram, which, with scientific inputs, can provide resilience against climate change.

  • That was a wonderful documentary on traditional knowledge and simple Rural  water conservation technology application. In fact we have several such  examples that may easily be replicated but we are obsessed with complex & large engineering structures and technology and also we have left these societal need issues to politicians and government officials. 

  • Thanks, Gopi.

  • We must share and replicate every where.

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