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Day out with Anuja Sawant: Featured In-House Consultant!

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We are proud to nominate "Anuja Sawant" as our next "Paryavaran Consultant". Indian Environment Network has launched the Indian EcoMarket featuring the very best consultants from India and abroad. Join or hire our family of environment consultants today!

Chandra Kishore, Founder, Indian Environment Network and "Day out with a Star" platform sat with Anuja Sawant over a cup of virtual coffee on Facebook Live and Youtube on April 12, 4:30 PM US EST. The interview was broadcasted LIVE on youtube and on facebook at

Anuja helps progressive organizations meet their environmental, social, and sustainability goals. Her dedication lies in understanding what motivates them to reach these goals and the circumstances they are surrounded by. This makes each project she work on a unique one. Starting in 2014, as a freelancer and an independent consultant, she has served several not-for-profit organizations such as Red Dot Foundation Global (Safecity) – North America; Amazon Rainforest Conservancy – Canada; Green Fashion Week – Italy; and GreenHatters – USA. Anuja have served IKEA as a full-time employee and helped them achieve their sustainability goals.

ANUJA SAWANT’S SERVICES 🌍 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental Social Governance (ESG), Sustainable Development (SDG) Consulting 🌍 Research & Content 🌍 Blogging 🌍 Fundraising 🌍 Capacity Building 🌍 Social media management

Here is a link to Anuja's page. You are welcome to connect with her and avail of her services.

Submit a request at or email us at if you would like to engage Anuja for your work.

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