Dahlias: The Amazing Winter Flowers

Dahlias: The Amazing Winter Flowers

The first Dahlia flower in this season of the year was seen by me only today in my school garden. It looked so solitary and so beautiful that I could not resist the temptation of taking its photograph.

Dahlia has a large number of varieties with all its hybrids in various hues and colours. It is a genus of bushy herbaceous and perennial plants. Other species that relate to dahlia are sunflower, daisy, chrysanthemum and Zinnia.

Dahlia has not less than 42 species with species of hybrids. It belongs to family Asteraceae. These plants are commonly grown in gardens during winter season in India. The stem of dahlia ranges in height from a minor 30cm to 2.4m. These plants do not produce scented flowers. They attract insects for pollination by display of their bright colours.

Dahlia pinnata is the National Flower of Mexico. It was declared as National Flower of Mexico in the year 1963. The plant has tubers that are often used for vegetative propagation of these plants.

Dahlia is found in most parts of the world. It especially grows on uplands and mountains.

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