Monisha Narke posted a status
Oct 29
Waste is resource and its our onus to allow this wasted resources one more chance to be resource!

I have designed RGGC which is a Composting system that replicates the forest way of Recycling and requires no electricity, no chemical additives, follows 100% aerobic composting cycle, 100% mechanical unit, quality of compost is natural as there are no adulterants added in the process, and is practically a zero maintenance equipment.

This brainchild of mine is patent filed and green pro certified by IGBC & CII.

I am looking to collaborate with you to see if we can offer you services on Waste Management.

We have a decade of experience in executing CSR projects to bring about positive environment impact. Tetra Pak India, Kalpataru, Godrej Properties Limited, Purecotz, Klenzaids are some of the clients for whom we have delivered this CSR enabled SWM projects. Attaching a snapshot of the work we did for Godrej.

You may learn about RUR Greenlife at - and @rurgreenlife on Instagram

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