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Sep 10
Biodiversity, Birds and Wetlands (Kindle Edition)
Author: Hiren B. Soni, Ph.D.
Print Length: 116Pages
Link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08HBMGSGD

This book focuses on biodiversity as a burgeoning spectrum of life. It highlights need of biodiversity conservation, causes and concerns, exploitation of biodiversity, habitat destruction, interaction of man and technology with biodiversity, policy framework for biodiversity conservation, and wilderness and forests. Moreover, it summarizes a review on birds with special emphasis on geographical and ecological distribution of avifauna of north-western India, birds in ancient times with myths and motifs, an integral association of trees and birds, birds migration, magnetic orientation of birds, and mythological beliefs about birds. The present book also covers exhaustive information on wetlands for tourism, important wetlands of national importance, wise use of wetlands, characteristics of wetlands, prime importance of wetlands as enduring habitats, and threats to viable wetlands. It also emphasize significant wetlands as abode for avifauna, wetlands as bird habitats, significant factors for survival of wetland birds, importance of wetlands for birds’ population, influence of wetlands on waterfowl population, wetland loss and decline of bird diversity, threats to avian habitats, and conservation and management strategies for potential avian ecosystems and legal policy framework for sustainability of waterbirds.
Biodiversity, Birds and Wetlands eBook: Ph.D., Hiren B. Soni: Amazon.in: Kindle Store
Biodiversity, Birds and Wetlands eBook: Ph.D., Hiren B. Soni: Amazon.in: Kindle Store

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