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We are pleased to announce our upcoming four day open house workshop on “Fire, Life Safety & Sustainability for Built Environment” at Chennai during 24th – 27th April 2018.

Maintaining a sustainable and safe built environment is one of the leading challenges encountered by many of the industrial and building management professionals. The optimum use of water and wastewater management is also another merging issues across our country. Sustainable built environments enable people to have a high quality of life without decline the natural systems that support us - now and in the future.

Through this four day workshop, ERM aims to help organizations understand how to maintain their operations in more sustainable and safe manner by complying to the requirements put forward by National Building Code 2016, LEED Version 4.0 rating system and by adopting best management practices on water consumption & wastewater handling.

If you are interested to participate / nominate delegates, get more details and have any questions, feel free to mail/call me.

Thanks in advance.


Dipil Kumar Vasu,

Safety Management Specialist

Safety Consultant, ERM, Bangalore,



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