Wising you a very Happy New Year! I hope that all our members must again be working hard to create innovative solutions to mitigate the polluted environment of India and save our trees and forests...

What bugs me is that we all become so comfortable in our own silos that we forget to even communicate to each other about the amazing products and services that we are producing for our clients and for the environment.

We forget to share our innovations with our colleagues and friends in the Indian Environment sector who may be our new potential clients and customers. Also, with the practitioners in the field who can make or break our products and services. Let's take a pledge to share again, today!

Indian Environment Network is the best platform for you for showcasing your technology, products and services. 5500 professional members from 2000+ environment organizations around the world do count! Indian Environment Network is your gateway to crowd-sourcing your future. 

Couple of years back we started the tradition of interviewing our institutional members and listening to them about their products and services. One of the first in the series were:

1. "How to purchase Green Electronics" by Sarah Brian from Green Electronics Council, our Diamond Institutional member ( It was a hit with around 12000 views) and,

2. "How to clean a lake"- by Clover Organics- .

Both were tremendous hits with our members. We followed it up with online guides launching a "Global Learning School" were any member can host short interactive online guides and immediately reach out to millions of audience. Check out:

Let's take a pledge in the new year to take this forward and host 500 online short interactive "How to" guides on the products and services for the environment that you daily work with. Their Specs, case study, best practices to work with, costs and benefits ...A barebone online guide to get started which can be enriched and added to by our members working with the same products, tools and services!!

Let me appeal our members to work individually or with their organizations to make available short interactive guides on how your products/services work and how can they be utilized by your potential clients in mitigating the environmental problems in the field. Email me at and let's get started! Any organization wanting to support this unique effort as a benefactor and sponsor is more then welcome. 

500 online interactive guides from 500 ( only 1/10th of our members) professional members and institutions of Indian Environment Network in 2016! That is not a stretch goal. Can you make that possible??

(As a bonus, we will interview and webcast around 50 members/experts on their online guides and make them youtube stars of the Indian Environment sectors !).

Let's get started to make Global Learning School ( ), the online pocket guide for environment and development professionals to solve all field problems with the help of amazing products and services from you.

Chandra Kishore

Indian Environment Network 

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