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Do you have any sample financial feasibility studies/ case studies, Project reports or sample forms filled in for approval for any environmental projects prepared by you or your organization that you can share.  If not, are you willing to prepare one?


We would like to purchase such reports to make available to our members for reference.


Please send your proposal to .


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  • Founder

    Sandeep, thanks a lot.

    Looks like a great report! Let me know how we can also make available the excel based model to our members that can be directly used by them. Email me at .

    It would be great if ERM can partner with us to make available such practical dynamic reports on our platform either priced or for free.

    This can be a great way for ERM to showcase it's expertise among our members and prospective cleints.


  • Hi, 

    Please take a look at this report a href="" target="_blank">;.

    The report is oriented at developing a rational & uniform charging policy for Common Bio-medical Waste Treatment & Disposal Facilities in Maharashtra. It is a study conducted in 2009-10 by EMC, Mumbai and sponsored by MPCB. We have analysed the financial feasibility of 29 CBMWTDFs in Maharashtra which includes both incinerator and deep burial based facilities.

    As a conclusion, an excel based model was developed (which is not included), which could be used to develop a unique per bed per day charge model that would (ideally) offer an IRR between 10% and 20%.  

    This model could be applied to any other waste management problem and develop a charging regime, that is profitable for waste manager, and digestible for the waste generator.    

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