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We are now enroliing independent environmental consultants completely free in the ecoMarket section of Indian Environment Network as part of our "paryavaran mitra" partnership. This will enable you to be searched by 1000s of organizations across the world for varous national and international projects that are being undertaken.

Climate change and Corona virus, both have put in sharp focus the need for a clean environment  to help contain the spread of deseases. The ban on wildlife in China is a step in the right direction. The burden of saving the mankind lies squarely in the hands of scientists, doctors, researchers and environment professionals and I am proud to say that Indian Environment Professionals all over the world are really the best in their fields. So, why not showcase your potential to the world!

Go ahead and selct the "EcoMarket" tab on and add your best profile with a photo by adding a new article (+). Choose Consultant classification. Here's my tip to add the best environmental consultant profile in the Eco-market section. 

1. A profile should not be more than one page long (Any entry more than that will be rejected)

2. Add a para on your sducation, professional qualifications and years of experience with companies that you have worked for.

3. Add a line for your areas of expertize.

4. Put your best put forward. Add reference to key succeessful projects you have already undertaken.

5. Add industry recognized certifications that industries recognize and need. (NABET Certificatios etc.)

6. Add, if you are open to hourly, short term or long term consultancy assignments.

7. Provide a link to your Linkedin page, if available. 

8. Make sure you have updated your profile in the "My Page" section of by going to "options"  and "edit your profile" so prospective clients can connect and network with you. 

9. You can also upload a youtube video link about your work and not more than two photogrpahs showcasing your work. 

Contact us at if you want us to build your personal brand recording a Youtube video through our virtual studio. We will professinally interview you about you and your work and consultancy assignments completed for a small fees. Here's the FAQ on the youtube interviews.

Consultancy and service organizations can add all their consultants to our Consultants EcoMarket by joining us as a institutional partner.  Check partnership options at .

Every month we will be holding a virtual youtube/ facebook conference interviewing the best environmental consultants from the Indian EcoMarket showcasing their best case- studies. We also have plans to enroll the best consultants in our ecommerce section of "Day out with a Star" so that organizations and individuals can pay them online for hourly consultancy. So don't wait, submit your consultancy profile today comletely free and get designated as "Paryavaran Mitra!!

Note: We have the right to reject or delay accepting any consultancy profile submitted to the Indian EcoMarket.


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