Draft MSWM Rules 2013 MOEF

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The MOEF has come up with draft rules 2013 for Municipal Solid Waste Management in India and as invited suggestions from public domain. Being involved in the area of waste management and environment perse, it becomes our duty to participate in this initiative. Those who want to send their suggestions to beingecocentric@gmail.com or can directly send the suggestions to the concerned person mentioned in the MOEF website. Please find the draft report in below mentioned link:



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  • It appears to be an Indian version of US EPA norms. No doubt, a commendable initiative. But we need to act rather than to make notifications. I would like to elaborate my view considering solid waste management (SWM). 

    Pertaining to SWM, it is said that the waste needs to be classified and then disposed accordingly. The person who collects it should be aware of it, nor the authorities. The SWM collection work is out-sourced at Raipur, Chhattisgarh. We witness collection of bins, transfer into trucks and dispatch to dumping sites. But the story of dumping site is totally reverse than what is expected (to classify the waste). The rag-pickers have a good day there, and make their earning.

    We emphasise on recycling, but fail to provide a platform. Every household in India sells its newspaper waste, glass bottles and metal. At least I have been doing this from my childhood. Has the nature of the waste changed? No. Only our perception has changed. Now we know that the waste can be used to generate energy. Can a common person do this? No.

    Here, we need that the SWM agencies be enforced to convert the waste into energy, instead of dumping it. Just paying them to pick the solid wate is not going to solve the problem. We need to show some success studies. Make it mandatory for the Municipal Corporations to have soild-waste converters, and create manure or energy.  

  • Thanks for sharing...

    Would like to know is there any movement in New Bio Medical Waste Rules-2011 or its still under draft?
  • The last date for comments is 1st September 2013,
    MoEF should explore more options for waste segregation and resourceS as energy. Set of guidelines for coprocessing of msw should be included in rules itself.
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