Dear Members of Indian Environment Network,

I stopped writing yearly platitudes on World Environment Day because the time for arm chair publishing is long gone. The world has moved on and has either become more hostile to environmental efforts or even more passionate on the other side. Visual media has taken over and it's now more about showmanship then workmanship!

But the members of this network are different. They are mostly environment professionals or organizations ( 6000+ members) who have chosen to adopt environmental work as their profession. Day in and day out...working to earn their daily bread taking care of the environment in their own small way. We speak about environment daily...not just once in a year!!

The Indian Environment Network at is FOR YOU. Speak out daily! Share your work daily! Share your voice with us daily!!

We have launched our Live Stories platform "Day out with a Star" where I perfected the model of sharing the stories of amazing individuals among us LIVE on facebook and youtube. Now I need sponsors and volunteers who can work with me to take this forward by interviewing role models organizations and individuals in our society every day, every hours LIVE on social media.

So, if you are a star speaker and interviewer email me at and I will connect you with star professionals whom you can interview on our platform LIVE and make great connections in the process.

If you are a STAR organization or individual doing great work for the environment, email me and we will be happy to interview you and promote you and your work on social media. 

If you would like to promote your product and services sponsoring these LIVE  interviews on social media contact us at . We will create a great media platform together to showcase our work in the environment and social development sector.


Chandra Kishore


Indian Environment Network


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