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Our marketplace for experts is now in "Live Beta" on "Day Out with a Human Star" at . We are listing new "HumanStars" every day on the website. We are also introducing them to the world through LIVE online facebook or youtube Live discussions. Like us on our facebook page to attend all the live discussions with experts.


If you are a consultant, author, trainer, researcher, educator, ecotour operator or wildlife expert seeking clients and customers in the environmental, wildlife, forestry and development sector then you are welcome to register on the site and offer your services. You can also sell any offerings from these experts including personally signed books, white papers, guides and also all your on-site and virtual training offerings that are led by any particular expert. The site supports online payment that can be made directly to you if you have a PayPal account.  We also have complete turnkey services for those who would like us to manage their listing on the site through negotiated and offline payments.

Organizations who have a lot of such experts can register in the name of their organizations and then offer the services of their experts to facilitate one to one meeting. It can be a great sales and marketing tool for you for soliciting clients not only from India but all over the world if they would like to contact you to solve their technical problems and want a no obligation first face-to-face meeting for a small fee. You can also facilitate business tours to your project sites to showcase your work.

This can also be a great tool for non-profits to seek donations for their cause by facilitating one to one meeting with their founders and expert-led tours to their project site. 

All those experts who register on the site and complete their profile will be invited for a skype meeting with us to validate their expertise before we accept them as a "Human Star" for listing their services.

Please email me at if you have unique user cases. We will help you in getting started on

Chandra Kishore


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