Dear IEN Members,

We are pleased to announce that "A Day out with" marketplace is now in private beta. We are accepting few high impact partners who would like to set up their shop on the website to test and offer advise for the marketplace and grow together.

Check the private beta website at . The marketplace is a social entrepreneurship venture and it's primary goal is to create an informal marketplace to share the skills of millions of experts with one another resulting in enormous benefit to the society.

The site will be completely free to join and we accept only a small commission to cover the credit card fee and admin fee to run the website, if you are actually able to sell your services on the site.

We are accepting partnership from experts and organizations who would like to spend a few hours in a day or weekend  showcasing their expertize in the field or just networking over a cup of coffee. A great way to find new clients and customers!

This is just a start. The site will develop organically with ideas from YOU.

Experts and mentors can share and train face-to-face or even through Google hangouts or plain old phone!

Ecotourism and wildlife experts can organize weekend trips in the countryside.

Non-profits can set up shop to organize tours to their projects in the field for prospective donors for which they get instantly paid.

Environmental product vendors can set up shop to do product demos and solicit new clients.

Corporates can set up shop to showcase their corporate social responsibility projects. They can also offer personalized meetings or interviews with their experts through the platform.

Consultants can use it to offer a "no obligation" initial project discussion advisory to prospective clients.

Trainers can utilize the platform to sell short term training to individual and groups.

Let's partner with ideas that create a vibrant sharing economy where every seller is a buyer too.

Individuals and groups can use it to organize group meetings and field visits at a price with friends or group members. 

Let's reserve a day in a week or weekend to share and grow your network of professional friends through the platform over a cup of tea!

All ideas are welcome. Email us at to share what you want to do through the platform and receive an exclusive invite . Since the site is in private beta, you will need an invite coupon to join as the first partners.

Check the private beta website at today!

All the best

IEN Team

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