A day out with someone, to somewhere is a gift that should be cherished even if it is for a few hours...


As Environmental scientists or nature and wildlife professionals we are uniquely placed to be the guide, mentor and partner to countless young and old souls who don't know how to enjoy a walk in the nature....


As a professional working on complex environment problems how often did you throw your hands in despair and asked if there was indeed someone who could value your expertize and like to spend a day out with..


Indeed the very mark of your professional competence is that there is someone, somewhere, out there who would like to learn from your experience by paying you for your time...


And that's where IEN can help you meet your "Alter Ego"! 

We are calling for environmental experts, teachers, professors, scientists, retired environmental leaders, eco-tourism guides, wildlife and nature professionals who would like to offer their "time" to their fans, people who value your expertize and would love to take you on a "day out" either virtually through  "Google Hangout", "facebook chat" or a "physical meet up" over a walk or a cup of Coffee to learn from your experiences.


If you are an organization, how about spending some time to showcase your work, your factory, your field lab, your expertize by designing a "Day Out" even if for a few hours to an outsider who could become your future client or your media ambassador.  


The best part is that you can set up your own "price" for your time spent in sharing experiences with someone and "Yes" they should pay for it if your "experience" is compelling enough for them...or you can do it all for free as a charity...


Write to me at if you would like to join us on our IEN platform to offer your time for these unique experience sharing sessions. Let me know just one experience that you have that is compelling enough for some to spend his or her time with you.


Let's become part of the "sharing economy" so that ultimately the society benefits from the experiences that you treasure.



Chandra Kishore


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  • Sir

    Please provide your contact details.

  • Dear all, 

    I am a chemical engineer with a master's and PhD in environment.I have 40 years of experience in ENV> MGT and pollution Control in steel Industry both in public and private sector.At the moment i am in EIA and env. services and an accredited expert by NABET in 5 sectors and 4 functional areas

    I welcome any body to share any field in environment with me

    IT will be a pleasure and satisfyning


    b n das

  • It is very good idea. I would like to offer my help.


    I have a vast experience starting as a lecturer in chemistry, going through a Ph. D. programme under an eminent scientist and philosopher. After working in analytical methods, I shifted to material science, electrochemistry, water and effluent treatment and finally landed in EIA, a subject I have taught and practised for more than two decades. I am accredited EIA Coordinator, going to the field and doing things hands on. Youngsters are welcome to visit/ exchange ideas over mail.

    Thanks to for providing this platform


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