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Without a doubt, environmental activism is one of the most important option for making people aware on environmental issues. Most of us are actively involved in this process of creating environmental awareness, either directly or indirectly.Reaching the masses, is of course not a very easy task. It needs lots of pain, hard work and research if somebody really wants to reach the heart of the people. Many times, people resist to listen, to assimilate or to imbibe things that are good for them as well as good for the environment. It is during that time, the environmental activists has to face the acid test of making them understand the importance of what is being told.
While, environmental activism in India has become successful enough to reach the people, many times we have also experienced certain bitter things.It is painful to see some people creating noise from an empty vessel. For them, media reports, properly taken photographs, attractive leaflets and catalogs, good food counts much more than reaching the target, the people. They stay inside well furnished, well equipped conference halls, discuss some typical things and publish the reports in media in an attractive way and give it the name of "awareness programme" or "sensitization programme". But, sadly, in reality that never reach the people, who need it the most. To add to this, many of them even get accolades for the same, forget about the financial benefits they are earning in the name of these programmes. So, at last, the realities of environmental ignorance does not change at all.
Moreover, many times, we have seen some pseudo-activists(let me use this word for them!), who take out a "bike-rally" to create awareness on biodiversity conservation! An awareness programme with the cost of environmental pollution! Should we not think about these type of agendas? Atleast, the people who are working for the environment or pretends to be so, should thnik clearly on these aspects.

For me, environmental activism is all about being honest to your surroundings. A person,may not even spoke a single word in public on protecting the environment; but the person has never indulged in any activity knowingly, that is harming the environment, then I will prefer to call that person an environmental activist. Because, he or she is the person whose "actions speak louder than words". But sadly, in the scenario of environmental activism, number of pseudo-activists are quite high and that is the reason why we are still one of the most polluting countries. Sadly, these feelings or the realities of environmental activism holds good for every sector- government, public, private or non-governmental ones.

The truth is that we have only one earth and its environment is very very sensitive. Already, we have reached the peak of environmental destruction. So, amidst all these, if we still remain dishonest to ourselves or promote such negative activism in the society, it will harm no one but ourselves only. So, it is the time we work for our environment, promote and proliferate positive environmental activism.  

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Comment by Chingsubam Matouleibi Devi on March 2, 2014 at 4:48am

Yes Manoshi, this is the actual scenerios in this contemporary world. Reports on environmental issues and quantifications have been continously reported. they have been used at higher authority. However, it has not been informed well socially. Environmental problems being a social problems, environmental activist as you defined could reduce environmental problems.

In this field, passion and patient towards better environment can only render positive impacts to the people as well as to the society.

Comment by GOPI KANTA GHOSH on March 2, 2014 at 12:54am

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